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The Ghost Who Came for Christmas
by Anna J. McIntyre, Bobbi Holmes
(Haunting Danielle Series, Book 6)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Comedy

“Romy Nordlinger is one of my favorites and she is great with anything I have heard her do.”

“Romy Nordlinger is one of my favorite narrators and so it is always nice to have her being a narrator to a fun series.”

Lord of the Pies
by Nell Hampton

Kensington Palace Chef Mystery Series, Book 2

Genre: Mystery

“The narrator, Romy Nordlinger did a fantastic job with the voices, accents and dialogue. I will watch for more audiobooks she narrates.”

terror in taffeta.jpg


Terror in Taffeta by Marla Cooper

Genre: Modern Detective

"Romy Nordlinger exudes pep and professionalism as the voice of wedding-consultant-turned-sleuth Kelsey McKenna. Nordlinger expertly handles the transitions as Kelsey moves from explaining wedding etiquette to managing a high-maintenance mother of the bride, with hilarious asides meant for Kelsey's photographer bestie and the listener. Nordlinger excels with the mother of the bride's posh clipped cadence and makes the groom and his buddies sound believably masculine. Overall, Nordlinger takes this campy mystery to a place of anticipation that listeners will savor."

"The book is smart and witty, and respectable as a whodunit, but theater and television actress Nordlinger turns Kelsey’s self-deprecating narration into something even more delightful, a stand-up routine that is entertaining and often hilarious. Her version of the hapless wedding planner, in which she describes her awkward attempts at amateur detecting with a buoyant optimism, makes the misfortunes funny and charming rather than downbeat. The secondary characters, including a pleasantly snarky photographer named Brody, a couple of ill-tempered Mexican lawmen, a part-time smuggler who is almost a love interest, and the remaining wedding party, are all given distinctive voices. Yet they all sound a bit like Kelsey imitating them, which is appropriate, this being her breezy, amusing, fast-paced recollection of her first (and hopefully not last) planned wedding from hell."

“Happily, reader Romy Nordlinger is able to capture every nuance of narrator Kelsey’s shifting attitudes. All in all, a very engaging package that has me eager to check out Kelsey’s next caper.”

"I really appreciate the audio narration of Romy Nordlinger. Her performance especially makes the book seem more realistic. I suspect that reading the book would not be nearly as fun to read as listening to it. Her job truly delights and adds life to the book."

"Romy Nordlinger performs the narration of this book’s audio version and I give her and this book five stars. I really liked her voice and she gives expression to the book without over emotion."

PROUD TO BE RECORDING the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED hit mystery series – Zoe Chambers, by Annette Dashofy. Book 5 just released!

Circle of Influence by Annette Dashofy

Genre: Mystery & Suspense

"Romy Nordlinger narrates this tangled whodunit with an energetic blend of humor and bewilderment. Nordlinger has a clear, resolute voice for Zoe Chambers. Nordlinger depicts the town chairman as a dim-witted loudmouth and renders the beloved grandmotherly police secretary with gentle respect."

“Romy Nordlinger is one of my favorite narrators and she is just so good with mysteries. She has great pacing.”

Must Love Otters.jpg

“Romy Nordlinger is an excellent match as narrator, perfectly conveying Hollie and the other characters.”

Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon

Genre: Chick lit, Comedy


“Narrator Alexandra Shawnee (Romy Nordlinger) portrays Rachel and her mother, Vernalee, with sensitivity and humor, and the scenes between them crackle.”

Wild Card by Karina Halle

Genre: Romance



top Library Journal audiobook choice

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Sex, Deviance, and Drama from the Golden Age of American Cinema by Anne Helen Petersen

"Romy Nordlinger’s assertive narration is perfect."

“Narrator Romy Nordlinger performs the work in a breathy voice like that of a radio gossip columnist, which is highly effective, considering the subject matter.”

Annabel Lee.jpg

Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa
(Book 1)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Modern Detective

"Narrator Romy Nordlinger's animated voice captures a variety of compelling characters in this unusual mystery, whose title alludes to Edgar Allan Poe's poem of the same name. Nordlinger's accomplished portrayals capture the story's main characters: a frightened 11-year old named Annabel Lee; her mysterious uncle, Truck; a Special Forces sniper called "Mute"; and private investigators Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill. Giving the principals appropriate age and character traits, Nordlinger uses emphatic enunciation to create dramatic tension when Uncle Truck rushes the young girl to a military-style bunker deep underground, leaving a German shepherd that is trained to kill with her for protection. Nordlinger's ominous delivery of Uncle Truck's warning not to unlock the door for anyone-- even him--is chilling."

“The narrator, Romy Nordlinger, does a fabulous job portraying the voice of a young girl, complete with accent, as well as voicing a variety of male and female characters with nuance and emotion. If you can get a copy of the audiobook, listening will be a treat.”

“Romy Nordlinger’s excellent narration does justice to the story, with character voices and storytelling that immerse the reader into the thick of what’s happening. Whether she’s portraying a thug with an accent, or the sarcastically laid back analysis of The Raven, her narration fits just right, and is fun to listen to.”

Budapest Romance by Rosa Gaston

Genre: Romance


"Romy Nordlinger enthusiastically presents this tasty smorgasbord of love and faith. Nordlinger uses varied inflections to differentiate each character, and each is easily recognizable. Her Dutch and Hungarian accents are subtle but convincing. This is a sweet, enjoyable listen."

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Empire's Crossroads - A History of the Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day by Carrie Gibson

Genre: Non-Fiction, History, World

"Romy Nordlinger's narration delivers a vivid history lesson, meticulously detailing the making, reshaping, and present existence of the Caribbean Islands. Her tone never falls short of energetic, and she uses a slight emphasis when delivering quotes. Given the in-depth and, at times, tedious nature of the material, Nordlinger's steady, upbeat pace helps carry the listener forward."

This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

"Narrator Romy Nordlinger's style and pace exuberantly capture Olivia, her friends and family, her boyfriend, and Father Mark. She also excels at delivering the book's description, lively dialogue, and emotional range, especially when Olivia realizes she's being stalked by the increasingly obsessive priest."

96 Hours by Georgia Beers

Genre: Lesbian Fiction

The Lesbian Review

The Lesbian Review


"Romy Nordlinger’s narration is excellent and I highly recommend picking this up as an audio book."

Hard Magic by Laura Anne Gilman
(Paranormal Scene Investigations, Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Editorial Review

Editorial Review

"Performer Romy Nordlinger is pitch-perfect casting for urban fantasy Hard Magic's narrator Bonnie Torres, a smart, feisty scryer who can read electric currents for clues to solve crimes committed by other magic-wielding talents. Nordlinger brings to life Laura Anne Gilman's ragtag team of lovingly crafted characters at once colorful and credible, from Bonnie's old-money mentor, J, to her intense, lonejack boss, Venec."

Dead and Berried by Peg Cochran
(Cranberry Cove Mysteries Series, Book 3)

Genre: Mystery

"Romy Nordlinger is one of my favorite narrators and she is just so good with mysteries. She has great pacing."

Off The Edge by Carolyn Crane
(The Associates Series, Book 2)

Genre: Romance, Suspense

"Romy is a solid narrator that I can count on to deliver a story. She has the ability to capture and enhance a character through pacing and attitude. That came in especially handy with Laney. Overall she does a great job!"

Wickedly Wonderful by Deborah Blake
(Baba Yaga series, Book 2)

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

"I have much love for Romy Nordlinger. She is one of my favorites and makes this a delightful listen."

Mine To Take by Jackie Ashenden

Genre: Romance

"Mine to Take is read by Romy Nordlinger and the narration is amazing. She really brings all the characters to life and knows how to use her tone to create more impression. Romy is one of the best narrators I have heard. She reminds me a lot of the narrator from the TV show Desperate Housewives. The way she gives each character their own voice kept the book easy to follow and kept me wanting more. I look forward to hearing more of her narration in the future. With the winning combination of author and narrator I highly recommend Mine to Take."

Seduction and Snacks – A Chocolate Covered Love Story by Tara Sivec

Genre: Romance, Comedy

"Romy Nordlinger did a fantastic job with the narration... top notch voicing."

Link to Review

Link to Review

Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake
(Baba Yaga series, Book 1)

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

"Romy Nordlinger does a wonderful narrating and I loved the Russian accent. I will definitely be continuing this series on audio. The tale was twelve hours in length but it felt like four."

Dragon Justice by Laura Anne Gilman

Genre: Sci-fi, Contemporary

Link to review

Link to review

"This was an enjoyable listen and Romy Nordlinger did a great job with the story."

Touched By An Alien by Gini Koch

Genre: Sci-Fi

"Romy Nordlinger did an amazing job narrating the book. I absolutely loved all of the voices, especially Katherine’s."


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Link to Audiobook Samples

Romy is an NYC based actor and best selling audiobook narrator and has recorded over 200 audiobooks for publishers such as Tantor, Oasis, Eljin, Mindspring/Dufris, Dreamscape, Deyan, Harper, Podium, Recorded Books, Audible and many more. Critical acclaim in Audio File magazine, Library Journal and many others. Romy has narrated in every genre including Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Chick-Lit, Self-help and Non-fiction. She also has a strong command of language and dialects and has recorded titles in a plethora of accents ranging from Russian to British and back around the globe again. Some film credits include featured roles on Bull, Law & Order (Officer Talbor), All My Children, and Real Life and has starred in dozens of productions Off Broadway and regionally.  Romy recently wrapped recording of the featured voice role of Edna in Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep, directed by Stephen Frears and voiced multiple characters in Shrek creator's Monster Hunt. A passionate bookworm and actress, nothing brings Romy more joy than bringing a book to life by fully embodying its characters and faithfully telling its story with all her heart.

If you’d like a custom demo/audition from her state of the art studio, please contact Romy for rates and requests.

Dialects ranging from Native American, Cajun New Orleans, Yiddish, New York, British, Russian, Polish, French, Newfoundland, Inner City African American, Hispanic and young adult - plus a host of spectres and superheroes


Tantor, Recorded Books, Oasis, DuArt, Bee Audio,  Harper Collins,  Dreamscape, John McElroy/Eljin Productions, Deyan,  Reel Enterprises,  William Dufris,   Podium Publishing Inc, Audible.


Our Alternate Ending cover x.jpg

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did bringing Elle to life in Our Alternate Ending. Seriously couldn't ask for a better female narrator for the part. You had me laughing and smiling and in tears. Truly amazing.”

– Katie Fox, Author of "Our Alternate Ending"

"Romy Nordlinger's sultry, unhurried voice infuses Budapest Romance with the exoticism it deserves. Her Hungarian accent is flawless -- no easy job. Her languid narration perfectly sets the tone and backdrop for this exotic love story."

– Rozsa Gaston, Author of "Budapest Romance"

"It's been a pleasure working with you, and I truly enjoyed your narration. I finished the listen-thru last night and I love the final chapter. I usually hate writing the Iove yous but you made them sound totally natural. :) Thank you for doing such a wonderful job."

– Ava Lore, New York Times Bestselling Author

Hard Rock Improv: The Lonely Kings, Book 3 by Ava Lore

"Embodying each character with unique voicing, Romy Nordlinger's performances in Lonewolf's Woman are engrossing - in addition to sensual. The close attention to the development of the lead characters - especially in regard their hesitant but wildly flourishing love affair - make this audiobook an even more gripping romance."

– Audible Editor Reviews – Lonewolf's Woman

Lonewolf's Woman by Deborah Camp

"Smoke by Meili Cady was a highly entertaining, fantastic read, which we thoroughly enjoyed producing."

– Deyan Audio

"The series is narrated by actress Romy Nordlinger, who did such a fabulous job. It's fun to hear a really talented actress read the books, because it's like another artist bringing something fresh to them, and I hear new things and get excited all over."

– Carolyn Crane, Author of "The Associates"

Into the Shadows: The Associates, Book 3 by Carolyn Crane

"The story had a good mix of romance and suspense and Ms. Nordlinger delivered the risk and tension with skill."

– Audiogals Review

Off the Edge by Carolyn Crane (Romance / Suspense)

"Romy's book narration was fantastic, absolutely perfect. Romy delivered a professional storyteller narration with just the right amount of characterization. Her voice and pacing propelled the story at a fluid pace."

  – Emmaline Hoffmeister, Vice President of Rhemalda Publishing

"Romy is a particularly gifted Narrator. After I was blown away by her first narration job at Audible Studios (impeccable work and ethic, acting) we began speaking about work outside of the Audible headquarters, and almost immediately, Romy and I were working together to build her own home studio and generate additional revenue through ACX, Audible's social network for independent audiobook production. Romy was not just a superb actor in this role, but also a very quick learner and a very patient, adaptive individual. It was a sincere pleasure to work together with Romy from start to finish, and it is wonderful, but not at all surprising, to see Romy has moved on to become a mainstay at Audible with her own fans and admirers around the world."

 – Andrew Grathwohl, Sound Engineer at Audible

"Thanks for the great performance."

– Mike Charzuk, Executive Producer

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