Reviews of the workshop performance of PLACES

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Jack Sharkey, Producer

PLACES is a most intriguing property unique in myriad respects not the least of which is the fascinating construct allowing the protagonist to address her audience from the great beyond in a manner intimate, her revelations lent deeper perspective by virtue of her familiarity with present day social norms in contrast with those prevailing in her less tolerant era.

Fengar Gael, Playwright

PLACES was terrific fusion of art forms: the poetry of the text, the impassioned acting, the gorgeous costumes and makeup, the vivid cinematic imagery, and of course the graceful choreographed direction!

Mari Lyn Henry, Founder, The Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History; Producer, Stage-Struck

I sincerely believe that if the great Nazimova were alive today, she would have blushed with pride at this impressive and well-researched tribute to her career.  Aside from the fact that Romy bears a striking resemblance to Alla, her voice, gestures, and other behaviors mirror those of this great but forgotten Russian actress. Bravo Romy for your tireless efforts to recreate the time, the places, the challenges, highlights and the magnetism of a woman who at last has found a voice to restore her legacy.  

Ginger Grace, Performer, Playwright

Thrilling! It was like a major military operation to take us wondrous places! A crescendo of heart, soul, passion – and why we’re all in the theater!

What a fantastic show! The talented team created a world we entered, invited by Alla, and the words and images of her life are lingering with me today. Beautifully written and performed by Romy Nordlinger and imaginatively directed by Katie McHugh. A wonderful accomplishment.

Paula Ewin, Theatre Professional

Last night I caught this terrific one-woman show: PLACES – The Play, written and performed by the talented Romy Nordlinger. It explores the life of the Madonna and Lady Gaga of the 1920s, Alla Nazimova, who went from being the highest paid actress in Hollywood to having to sell her luxurious mansion which became the famous Garden of Allah hotel. Romy captures the struggle of a early 20th century Russian dealing with an abusive father and absent mother, having to hide that she... was Jewish in an oppressive country, and being called a whore only to turn to selling her body to survive. But she also illustrates the joy of life and art, her acting lessons with none less than the great Konstantin Stanislavski, her rise to superstardom in the theatre (including as the first Hedda Gabler) and then her immigration to Hollywood and power as a woman creating many memorable roles which led to her creating the first "art film" – which no one understood and eventually contributed to the fall of her career and nearly being forgotten. This play assures "Nazzy" has NOT been forgotten, and deserves to be seen. Congrats to Romy and her team – raise a glass and toast a long life to the show!

David Wayne Fox, Representative of Alla Nazimova Society, Compose