Stephen James Anthony and Romy Nordlinger turn in wonderful performances. Ms. Nordlinger is sultry, sexy, and vulnerable as Ginger.

Nordlinger’s interloping Ginger is sexy and mysterious, as she should be, but also vulnerable and sensitive.

Romy Nordlinger is feline and confident. The tension is palpable.

The excellent actors and their director mine the script for every ounce of truth as the layers are peeled away bit by bit.

Along with Mr. Townsend, actors Chris Ceraso and Romy Nordlinger are standouts. 

- Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row

The return of the charismatic Romy Nordlinger.

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Nordlinger’s Kathy is expertly woven; her naïveté and youth is handled with humor and sensitivity.

As the ruler’s mistress, Romy Nordlinger expertly traces an arc from sickened complicity to a kind of bitter wisdom - an awakening Camus demands of us all.

A few actors rise above the general narrative to be heard and seen as real characters, notably Romy Nordlinger as Caesonia.

- Kirk Theatre, Off Broadway

Romy is a tiny powerhouse, infusing Becky Bloom with such dignity that even her self-doubt seems empowered.

The big bright spot is Romy Nordlinger, who shows a great deal of wit, flair, and comic timing in her portrayal of Becky.

- Abingdon Theatre, Off Broadway

Mischievously sexy... Nordlinger conveys her tangled neuroses clearly without losing a basic charm. It almost feels like a response to (David) Lynch, in which sense it owes a lot to Romy Nordlinger as Becky.

Romy Nordlinger layers complicated emotions onto Ginger, and manages them with intricate aplomb:  A savage longing behind her eyes testifies to the woman's sensuous and predatory natures, giving you both sides of the argument until the scale can tilt one way or another.

Dozens of roles, thoughtful and compassionate and resonant.

A standout is one in which a corporate woman confesses to a friend about being raped by a male co-worker. Her emotions of shame and guilt are powerfully dramatized and performed. … Fearless. … Displays tremendously accomplished performing arts skills encompassing comedy, drama, singing, and dancing, all with emotional overtones.

Romy Nordlinger, Rachel Collins, and Jennifer Harder are excellent actors and physical performers, and make a bonded, flexible team.

“Romy Nordlinger is an actress of real ability and total commitment. I have seen her in two shows and an extended scene from one of my plays, and I was knocked out by her work on all three occasions. She brings soul, intelligence, and disarming honesty to every moment she’s asked to play. If you cast her, send me a postcard and I’ll come. Because she’s that good.”


"Hear me NYC. Do NOT miss Romy Nordlinger in Lancelot at The Gym On Judson. The lady knocks it outta the park. Sexy, menacing, seductive, egocentric, smooth, cruel and complex... her character Ginger joins a cast that each shines in a very well crafted play that should be bigger. I loved most of the players, but Ms Nordlinger has an IT factor that's hard to divert your eyes from... even when others on stage are naked."

- WILL KOLB, Producer, Activist